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25th December 2004

loststar231:42am: *NeW*
i'm new and I love LeBron James.. i say he's going to become the next Michael Jordan.. but that's just my opinion.


1st December 2003

annanichole0610:30pm: Hello everyone....I just have a question...do I recall correctly someone in my community saying that their aunt works at Gund arena? Or was that somewhere else? lol.

Thanks anyways!


6th July 2003

annanichole061:04pm: awww darn...
well as our new friend whoregasm has confirmed.....lebron is taken. Darn . Well I'm sure his g/f is a great person~! and we can all still admire him from the stands~! lol.

well can't wait til the season starts so we have more to talk about lol. Sorry guys. But tell all your lebron fanatic friends about this community~! the more the merrier~!




28th June 2003

chellabella12:15pm: those pictures are off tha hook! if my dad wasn't annoying, i'd definitely use one as the background, maybe when i get my own computer, some day. lol.

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27th June 2003

annanichole0611:01pm: I really like all these wallpapers:


supposedly lebron uses one of them on his own computer but I'm not sure which one


26th June 2003

chellabella11:19am: searching my media center
i found some times lebron will be on tonight.

ESPN 2 - Mcdonald's All-American Game (repeat) - 5:30 PM (EST)
ESPN - NBA Draft - 7 PM (EST) (i'm sure you knew of this!)
ESPN - St. Vincent-St. Marys vs. Oak Hill Academy (repeat) - 3:30 AM (EST)

i'm gunna tape them, and start making a lebron tape (i have a mich state university basketball tape. it's sweet, it has a lot of the players talking from the news and stuff. and then replays of their games.) too bad, i forgot to tape the life on it. maybe it will be replayed sometime in the future.


25th June 2003

annanichole062:46pm: I too...really enjoyed Lebron.

And no...you can't marry him. Because I am. Hehe just messin. But oh yeah...the community meeting....sounds like a great Idea...since we're the only lebron community.

I'm soooo glad he's playing for the cavs~!!!! Yay for ohio~!

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chellabella10:16am: the life.
dude. can i marry lebron now? or maybe atleast. half of him? after watching the life, i like the kid a lot more. my friend heather and i are already going to go to a 'stones - cavs game next year, fo sho.

he was SOO cute playing baseball.. heh. i'm just in love. and he was eating swedish fish, which i love.

gotta meet this kid.

we should have a communtity meeting of lebron. lol.


24th June 2003

chellabella10:21am: before i forget.
i'm sure you already know this. but tonight, 8 pm on espn, the life: lebron james. make sure to check it out :)

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